Decisions, decisions...

Have you decided that now is the time to get yourself a new or updated website for your small business? When you typed your search into Google, "website templates" and your results looked something like this, did you spend the next 2 hours attempting to determine the best company to choose?

Exhausting, isn't it?


We are going to help simplify your search. Choose templates and you can't lose. websites are visually dynamic, simply put, they are beautiful. Aimed at using powerful and stunning imagery to capture your audience right away and draw them into your website further. websites are designed to be responsive, meaning you can go from your desktop to laptop to mobile and no work is required on your part. The website template will adjust automatically to the device being used. 

Drag and drop. Easy peasy. Need some text? Add a text box. Need an image? Add that too. Don't like the layout? Grab a box and rearrange it as desired with the touch of your finger. 1, 2, 3 done.

A platform that delivers. Switch your template at any time, as many times as you want and never get charged. SEO built it, customization, social networks, domains and analytics. Everything you need to build a framework for your small business. 

So the question is, why wait any longer? 

For a more in depth review of Squarespace VS Wix check out this great article by



Catherine Shipman