Mastering the Social Media Hurdle. JUMP NOW!

Social Media can become your best ally. However, for those that do not have a strong background in social media, this can seem like a daunting task. Especially, with the number of social channels out there.

Utilizing the power of social networks can be your fastest and least expensive way to grow the audience for your business. Managing your social network allows you to understand which audience to target, provide marketing insights, promote your business services or products, create new connections or rehash old ones and allow easy access to your company website for people without having them to memorize your URL.

Let me be your social media quick guide.


Create your network.
Beginning by deciding which social media networks are most applicable to your business. Facebook is fair game for all types of businesses. As well as Twitter. Consider also having Pinterest or Youtube. Are you a professional consultant? Then you definitely want to use LinkedIn. Keep in mind you will need to fill some business information for each one, be prepared with your name and contact info as well as any related photos.

Don't sell yourself short. Sign up for as many social networks that make sense. You don't have to post to each one right away. Give yourself time to get used to each network's controls and posting platform. Hootsuite offers a solution to post to multiple networks at once. So you can push your content to many social channels without having to do each one individually. They even have a smartphone app.


Take one step at a time. 
Begin by deciding what you want to say. Are you posting a new job opportunity? Would you like to announce recent company news, such as a new location or special event? Are you looking to share insights or instructions? Stick to one simple topic. Don't try to fit every detail about your company into one post. Keep it simple. It doesn't need to read like a novel either. A sentence or very short paragraph can do the trick. Create a word doc for all your ideas. Then you can always "copy and paste" as needed.

Target your audience.
Use the hashtag # symbol to spotlight your services or product. Don't be vague, be specific. For example: #socialmediaguide. Consider polling your social friends by asking them questions about what they hope to see you offer. Gaining feedback about your products and services allows for low cost marketing. This information can help you redirect your offers.


Gaining Feedback.
Monitoring how your posts are doing will give you insights on what people are interested in. Some posts will do better than others. Use this information for future posts. Choose subject matter that your audience likes.

Become a leader.
Understanding the value of your keywords will help drive traffic to your posts and website. Using generalities can be harmful. Stay specific to your company services or products. Then be on the lookout for what your competition is doing. Monitoring your competition's posts and use of keywords can help you become the leader in your business. Review your competition's posts that are liked the most and use the insights to shape your campaign.

Don't be lazy.
Do yourself a favor and don't get lazy. Aim for 1-2 posts a week to begin. When using Hootsuite, this can take you less then 5 minutes to push content. Becoming efficient and learning time management for your social network is important. What is the use of going through the trouble to set up so many accounts and then not utilize them? Just add social networking into your business calendar, just like you would a business phone call. Create the opportunity for it to be a priority. Create a short-term and long-term strategy and stick to it.


Delegating the duties.
Operating a business has various degrees of cost. Whether it be monetary or time working. You may just simply not have the time in your schedule to manage social media. Then you can consider hiring a person, such as a college student, or an online company social media management company. Just be sure to proof the quality of the posts.

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Catherine Shipman