Chrissy Tolley came to me about a year prior to this project, asking for help with specific design elements for her blog. Chrissy has a niche social media following and she desired a way to get her message across to more people with more efficiently, that could share her story in a clear and concise way. Over the course of that year, Chrissy found she had potential in bringing in revenue with her talents as a Psychic Medium at the encouragement of her followers. Therefore, Chrissy once again reached out to me, asking to help her brand he story, create an commence website, and be able to easily share her message with her followers.



Since Chrissy already had her previous blog, Your Trauma Is Showing, built on a Squarespace template, I did not need to initiate a new one. I was able to design her new ecommerce website using her existing template. This also meant, she was able to keep all her previous blogs intact.

Chrissy had new photography completed for the new website, however she did not have any copy or design style in mind.

Your Trauma Is Showing

Your Trauma Is Showing



Spending time really getting to know the personal side of Chrissy was essential for understanding her vision. Becoming entangled with her process, her desires for the future, what her personality encompasses helped me to design a style for her website that showcases who Chrissy is and why her message is powerful. Chrissy has a deeply intuitive and sensitive in nature, thus being the perfect vessel for her gift and talent and I wanted to use this as a foundation for her branding. Although Chrissy had recently done a photoshoot, after discovering who she is, I suggested she use another photo shoot done previously for her site, since it captured more of her style. I was able to filter through the photos, only choosing the best ones for web.

Services Used

  1. Goal-Oriented Website Design

  2. Branding

  3. Copy Editing

  4. Content Management

  5. SEO

  6. Domain Mapping

  7. eCommerce Set up

  8. Services integration

  9. Merchant Services Integration

  10. Social Media Channel Set-Up

  11. Google Analytics

Template Choice




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chrissy tolley red.png

Outcome has emerged into a visually stunning portrayal into who Chrissy Tolley is, the story of her niche services and offer, and the passion behind why she wants to help people suffering or who have suffered from trauma, with the goal that she can help people overcome it. Her website is ecommerce ready, where potential customers can add services to their shopping cart directly from the home page or by going to the shop page. 


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I first hired Catherine to help redesign my blog. Within the first minute of our time together, she was firing off incredible advice and ideas, all while moving at light-speed to make them happen. In only two hours, my blog was completely transformed. When I chose to upgrade the blog into a business this summer, Catherine was my first call. She praised my strengths and balanced out my weaknesses, and ensured my site reflected everything I could be and more. She combined kindness and honesty to express my ideas while elevating them to high-quality, industry level standards. Because of Catherine’s clarity, talent, and expertise, I had a successful launch (and a website people can’t stop talking about). Catherine is more than a web designer; she’s an irreplaceable coach, one I’ve recommend enthusiastically to every online business owner I know.
— Chrissy Tolley