First Contact

Dr. Steven Danney came to me after he spent a considerable amount of time creating his own website using the platform. While he understands technology and can work his way around the platform, he had a difficult time with design, SEO, Branding, Social Media, Google Analytics, and marketing. Like many small business owners, Dr. Danney wanted to save on costs while being able to manage his own website. After realizing the process is more involved than simply throwing up web pages, he asked me for help. 



The previous website was built on It was not responsive, had too much negative space, confusing branding, small imagery, no valuable SEO, and a confusing flow. All together with an awkward layout and muted design.

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It was very important for Dr. Danney to have photographs of his staff and location, showing exactly what his space looks like. Avoiding the use of stock imagery here, gives potential patients the opportunity to see the personality of the dental practice and create an immediate sense of trust. Dr. Danney is a warm, friendly, and honest dentist that provides a clean, safe and modern dental practice, allowing patients to feel confident they are choosing the right place. This concept is what we used to embody the design and feel of the new website.

Services Used

  1. Goal-Oriented Website Design
  2. Branding
  3. On-Site Photography
  4. Copy Editing
  5. Logo Design
  6. Icon Design
  7. Social Media Channel Set-Up
  8. Social Media Management
  9. In House Marketing Management Training
  10. Video Integrations
  11. Google Analytics

Template Choice


Logo & Icon Design

In addition to template website design, Dr. Danney asked to work with me to create a new logo design and custom icons for the home page.  Collaborating together on a design that incorporates the dental theme, the logo has a hand drawn tooth using the letters "s" and "d" for the bottom of the tooth. The white version designed to float over the banner images and the colored logo variation is the favicon and is used on social media posting.

Additionally, 5 custom icons were created for the Snoring & Sleep Apnea page for various services offered at Sleep Apnea San Diego.

website design - photography
social media logo design


The New & Improved Website Design

The new and current website is built on using the Carson template. It is a responsive design across all devices, has bold and dynamic imagery. A clear path of navigation, strong SEO and a beautiful design. Dr. Danney did not want to use any stock images on his website, that all images depict the staff and location accurately to show people exactly who and what SD Dental Group Inc. are and why they can be trusted.


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It is extraordinarily rare that in the course of business you can cross paths with somebody that is able to put your unique vision of your practice or business identity for the online world to view. Catherine has that unique ability and she will diligently work to make sure that she has achieved your desired goals. If you want to properly express yourself on your website and social media, you cannot find a better designer or with more expertise that will listen and work with you to accomplish this goal! I am very proud of the individuality and uniqueness of my website!
— Dr. Steven Danney